Our Services

Increase revenue, margins, and ROI while reducing sales cycle time with
3CW Advisors. We have the expertise you need to assist you build a more productive sales organization.

Your Sales Leadership Partner

By working closely with your senior leadership, we build a road map and action plan to help you achieve your desired sales results. Over the past 24 years, we have developed proven processes, methodologies, and strategies that we will apply to your business. We work with our clients in any of four following ways.
  • Temporary-Interim-Virtual Sales Leadership
  • Traditional Retained Consulting
  • Project Consulting
  • Sales and Sales Management Team Building

Formal Sales Training

When 3CW Advisors identifies a client’s need for formal sales training, we determine which one of the following methodologies would work best:
  • Challenger Sales Model
  • Solution Selling
  • SPIN
  • Miller Heiman
  • Professional Selling Skills
Then we create and deliver a customized sales training program that will best meet the client’s objectives.

Sales Coaching

3CW Advisors also offers individual and team coaching services.  These are best used to reinforce and practice until perfect one of the foregoing sales methodologies.

Temporary-Interim-Virtual Sales Leadership

Typically done on a fractional-time or interim basis, we join your team and serve as a member of your staff, taking on operational responsibility for your sales team. Under this plan, you gain proven, senior-level expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time VP of Sales or Chief Sales Officer. This arrangement gives us a firsthand view of your sales operations, which allows us to identify root-cause problems and then implement time-tested solutions. We also lead the sales recruiting process if staff changes are required.

Traditional Retained Consulting

Under a traditional consulting engagement, we work with you primarily in an advisory, guidance, and coaching role. Traditional consulting frequently follows a VCSO engagement.

Project Consulting

Project consulting works best when you have a single sales problem to solve. Based on your needs, we will agree on the most beneficial method of working together.

Sales and Sales Management Team Building

Using proven star recruiting methodology, we recruit only “A” players ranging from a single person to a complete team, including sales managers.