Proven Sales Management Consulting Services

Is your revenue static? Are opportunities stalled? Are your margins eroding? If you’re losing to the competition and suffering from a declining ROI in your sales operations, help is on the way with 3CW Advisors.

Our expertise in Sales Management Consulting will help you build, mentor, coach and lead a winning sales organization by implementing our proven sales process.


About 3CW Advisors

3CW Advisors helps companies build winning sales organizations with our proven sales management consulting services. We leverage our sales management expertise, while working hand-in-hand with CEOs and senior business executives, to increase revenue, improve margins, shorten sales cycles, and realize a greater return on your investment from your sales operations.

Expertly serving enterprise, commercial and international markets, we bring a level of knowledge and experience to your company that will vastly improve the success of your sales operations. Our action plan for fixing underperforming sales organizations has been proven to work, as evidenced by the success of the many and diverse clients we have worked with over the years.

3CW Advisors was founded by Michael G. Bunney in 1992, originally under the name of The Graham Group, Ltd. Mr. Bunney is a proven sales leader with a consistent record of helping clients achieve mission objectives, build and lead winning sales teams, generate rapid growth, and identify and capitalize on profitable new global sales opportunities.

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  • Jim T., Sales Manager,
    "Bottom line, Michael was the BEST manager I have had in my career! I always had the resources I needed, when I needed them. And when there was a tough customer, he was there to close the deal."
    Jim T., Sales Manager,
    Hughes Aircraft®
  • Mike B., President
    "The greatest storyline for Michael Bunney is his loyalty, integrity, and focus on results. I greatly admire him as a professional and as a trusted friend. Michael Bunney is number one in my book."
    Mike B., President
  •  Jim F., President
    "Under Michael's leadership, Time Warner became the number one high-speed broadband operation in the world, and that position continues to grow every week."
    Jim F., President
    Time Warner®
  • John K., President
    "Michael can always be counted on to put forth the second effort to assist a company employee to accomplish his or her objectives in addition to his own. Michael is an outstanding contributor on the senior management staff and a key member of the team."
    John K., President
  • Fred B., Vice President
    "Under his leadership, one of our major product lines grew from $34 million to $110 million in annual sales in only two years."
    Fred B., Vice President
    Hughes Aircraft®